Monday, May 31, 2010

Prospect Park!

I've taken pictures of the 2 older kids in the park last summer..and we done indoor for the baby in beg. of the was time for full family shots...wat better place then propect park? We had lots of fun trying diffrent poses..(well I did ;) )...thanx to the gross family for being so patient..hope it wasnt as bad as a triple root canal ;)

It's a shmuli week!

And this shmuli also came with his lil sister...all the way from london! What lil cuties kh..with there lil accents and all!

He's got that look...

Shmuli came in for pics with his lil sister lilli and they are def. a fun bunch! Shmuli has this look like he's deep in thought..With his gorgoues eyes kh! Ofcourse he looks sweet when he smiles..but love the srious look on him!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Upsherin plus Family

What a cute family kh! I seriously wanted to keep the lil baby! Just look at the eyes on them! Mazel Tov Aron and his upsherin!

Another upsherin!

This lil boy bought along his sister! We had lots of fun photographing the 2 of them! Mazel tov!

Chumi leaves the nest!

Wow chumi is 1! She came in for the last session of her baby plan and she really got so big! She was very excited about her birthday cake!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Family!

Peri and yidi are kh so adorable! They came in for some Family shots and then some indviduals. Yidi is usally very giggly but he didnt seem to be up for that. We still got some great shots of him smiling and serious..and peri is just a lil princess!


So much fun photographing these 2 lil girls! What a change after so many upsherins! Older sister E.R. was really into the pictures, and baby M was giggly and adorable k"h.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It looks like a doll...but its real!

Ruchella came in for some baby portraits and shes a real doll kh!. I might be a bit bias cuz shes a realtive of mine...but just take a look at her and you wont be able to disagree with me!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Kalman came in for his upsherin portraits and we had such a great time! At first he was a little shy and unsure but as soon as we started taking about trucks his eyes lit up and he was all excited. Bet. trucks and tools and answering his questions about my studio equipment we got some great portraits! Mazel tov Kalman and to the whole family!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Upsherin sesson is here!!!

I've been very busy in the studio with lots of upsherin boys (and family). As I've said before I really njoy having the upsherin boys come. they are at an age were they ask lots of questions and have adorable comments about everything. and espically they're excited about their upcoming big day!
First up is shia duvid. Shia Duvid boughta long his brother and baby sister. Although they had more excting things in mind to do then take pictures and this is prob. the last place they wanted to be they were still sports! shis duvid really liked the bubbles!!!

It's always fun to photograph someone I've already worked with. Tzvi geos to my bunglow colony and I've taken summer portraits of him when he was he's getting his upsherin!

Sender came in for his upsherin pictures and bought along his 2 sisters. Sender is a realtive of mine and since the family is kinda big and we really only get to see eachother very rarely its nice when they come in for portraits. Mazel Tov to the whole family!

Yitzchok was really shy at first..but when we started talking about monkeys he got very excited..speacaily monkey flying in airplanes!!!