Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know I've been a bit delayed in adding the last few pictures of june indoor sessions..hope to add them soon ;)..now we are upstate for the summer and really njoying the summer colors and freshness. Here are some pictures of my boys..and my lil girl!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Looking at these pictures you would never believe that this lil boy was crying real tears for the first couple minutes (im surprised myself!). It's funny ith kids how when u find that one thing that makes them smile it will just make all the diffrence. Moshe's mother told me his fav. colors are yellow and green..so we got lots of lollies in those colors..and then I hit the lottery when I found out that he loves chetchup (ketchup)..I really had fun with moshe and his way of pronouncing ketchup (I have a weekness for when kids mispronounce words..but we'll leave that for a dif. time)

My friend Motti

Moti was here earlier this yr. when they came in for an extended family picture! This time he came in on his own for his preupsherin pictures. Although he was very quite and didnt say a word... his smiles say much more then words!

Seems like a Girls week

Ruchie was just so precious k"h. All she really wanted to do was feed her babies..and give them coffee! I hd lots of fun getting to know ruchie...and taking pictures while we were playing!

2 adorable sisters!

How cute are these sisters? although the baby was a lil scared of her sroundings she gave us some smile ;) But the big girl was so friendly and she was trying so hard to help get her sister to smile and laugh! True sisterly love!

Is that a cough I hear?

Mimi came in last week..(yes I know I'm very behind with updating my blog) and she is really adorable k"h. Besdies looking cute (which you can see she) she was just so funny. She hs all these faical expressions. Her mother had a cough recently so she started just coughing all the time to mimck her..how cute is that?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Girl!

Lately I hve lots of boys in the studio so it was very exciting to have a lil girl come..and wat a cute lil girl kh! Ruchi is a ball of energy and loves dancing...she ws so excited when I showed her my ipod..it's worth the smile!