Friday, December 30, 2011

I have an extremely wild imagination and trust me its not always a good thing! although i was able to entertain myself for hrs with all my imaginary friends. I was also terrified of absolutely everything! but as many nights i was up with nightmares as a child (fine adult too, at times) I would never change it! I love coming up with creative ideas...and I love when I can actually make them happen! during the winter months it gets kinda mundane shooting instudio. I work hard trying to make it as exciting and as different as I can. but even with that studio pictures are meant to be more portraity (which I tech. also like) Anyhow I recently decided to try doing a session of my daughter and friends at Ikea. I'm somewhat reserved so it was a biggy for me to go there and just set myself up and shoot...but I love adventure ( I know I'm weirdly complex!) so I pushed myself and glad I did!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

almost a year!

People always ask me why I dont update my blog...hmmmmm...I guess Id just prefer to sit as lil as I can behind a comp. and as much as I can behind a camera. I do upload most of the pictures I take to my facebook fanpage which you can check out here!/pages/Chayittys-Portraits/10150095426445217
But I would like make more of an effort to blog every now and then, I know I've said that before, although this time its no pressure...I will not be posting all the pictures I take...just when I'm in the mood and it wont have to be in order.
One of shaindy since my last post was of her as wellShe's gonna be 2 soon! Wow does time fly!
People are always asking me how I got into photography.."is it something you knew you'd do as a kid?"..."did you have your first camera before you were able to talk?"..well actually no! As much as I'd love to be able to answer yes to those questions...since it would just make such a nice warm story, truthfully I didnt kno a thing about cameras before 4 yrs. ago. It literally fell into my lap and it has been the most amazing ride ever! I am so thankful I get to do this everyday...It is seriously the best job out there (for me ;) )
Good night people..and hope to post way more often from now on...and if not...c ya in a year or so ;)!