Friday, December 30, 2011

I have an extremely wild imagination and trust me its not always a good thing! although i was able to entertain myself for hrs with all my imaginary friends. I was also terrified of absolutely everything! but as many nights i was up with nightmares as a child (fine adult too, at times) I would never change it! I love coming up with creative ideas...and I love when I can actually make them happen! during the winter months it gets kinda mundane shooting instudio. I work hard trying to make it as exciting and as different as I can. but even with that studio pictures are meant to be more portraity (which I tech. also like) Anyhow I recently decided to try doing a session of my daughter and friends at Ikea. I'm somewhat reserved so it was a biggy for me to go there and just set myself up and shoot...but I love adventure ( I know I'm weirdly complex!) so I pushed myself and glad I did!!!

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